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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


pencil 2
Originally uploaded by a1scrapmetal.
This is the most appears to be silver and is a very flat pencil, the cover beomes the holder.A very elegant object.
It took us a while to work out that it was a pencil!


Blogger swapatorium said...

I've never seen anything like it. Fascinating object.

26 October, 2005  
Blogger Ed Giecek said...

We have pencils like that in the US (not with the silver part...) They call them "carpenter's pencils" -- sold in hardware stores for -- well, carpenter's, I guess! They won't roll away from you on that 47th floor construction project! --ed

06 November, 2005  
Blogger hazel said...

Ahhhhh! Thats why.Thanks Ed..I think our builders put the pencil behing their ear..or some other convenient place.
(I think I have seen those flat pencils here too come to think of it)

08 November, 2005  
Blogger michael said...

These must have been made for a very posh carpenter!

09 November, 2005  

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