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Monday, April 14, 2014

Nancy's cake decorating tin

Found this lovely tin that must have been used for years to ice Xmas and Birthday cakes..
it has 21,  40. 50, 70, 80, anniversary  and Xmas all represented.
Below items from the tin..the one nozzle has been expertly mended with lead solder...

Variety of of nozzle shapes

Each of the Nozzles is numbered

Nozzle mended with lead solder

Xmas robin on a log
The oddly shaped robin on a spring is a delight.

Oil Can

Purchased from a lovely man on Vagrants Bot sale who greeted his mates with the cheery.
"Hello you old Bugger"
and said I could have the oil for free...

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Needle Case

Michael bought me this  from Blakemere..not cheap, but I hadn't seen one before and it snaps shut with a hidden spring. It has never been used.

Collar stud

Found in a charity shop in Northwich for £2. PATENT  W.E.WILEY and SON.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chalk Line

Found on the boot sale at Blakemere Craft centre last Sunday for £1.

A lovely blue coloured chalk keeps falling out of it.
for plotting out straight lines..flick the cord and the chalk falls off.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sewing Aids

A book of useful sewing aids including handy sewing tips by Newey.

Sewing Susan

One of 4 sets of sewing kits found today on Winsford indoor boor sale.

Friday, January 10, 2014

metal puzzles

Lovely Xmas present off Michael.
Xmas always means metal puzzles, although I was sorry not to get any in this years Xmas crackers.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hand washing medals

Two wonderful Medals from Ann Barlow. she said they had been in a jug for many years in her mothers house.
Sponsored by LIFEBUOY to encourage handwashing and thus soap use.
"Clean hands campaign"

just found this paragraph on the interweb...
"When Lever Brothers launched their new Lifebuoy soap in 1894, it was heavily promoted as the world’s first ‘health’ soap with antiseptic properties containing an anti-bacterial disinfectant (carbolic acid) offering protection from disease as well as providing hygiene for the whole family. Lever Brothers choose the name Lifebuoy due to its life-saving properties. In 1895 Lever Brothers started to market their Lifebuoy soap in America and the product proved so popular that in 1897 they built their first American manufacturing plant in Boston. Lifebuoy soap was also sold in countries across the British Empire as well. Today, Lifebuoy soap is still sold around the world amongst other competing brands.
Lever Brothers launched their Clean Hands campaign in 1926 to educate the public about the importance of hand washing to defend against disease and poor hygiene. The ‘hand washing’ campaign extended into school activities and promotional clubs. The use of badges and Certificate of Merit were strong promotional incentives too.
The badge depicts a stylised lifebuoy and the wording PRO VALETUDINE (For Health). These badges were issued with both buttonhole studs and brooch-style pins.
www.unilever.com/aboutus/ourhistory/1920s/ (Small note about Lever Brothers’ Clean Hands campaign."

Pocket Balance

Kindly donated to the A1 Scrap metal collection by Ann Barlow.
A wonderful Pocket Balance that once belonged to her father.

Pocket Balance (DETAIL)


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mending kit from PLG

mending kit from PLG

A perfect set for mending, including 2 paper tape measures, buttons, needle threader, scissors and safety pins.