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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tony's Tiny Plugs

tony's plugs
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An unexpected present from Tony for my collection.
I didn't ask him but I think he has been to a shop that sell accessories for caravans..and these are TINY sink plugs.. (If they are for a bath it would be a very very small bath).
Michael said they look like pierced nipples..but he does have a strange and distorted mind.

Tony's Plugs (back)

tony's plugs (back)
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The back of the packet.
NB. random staples...this packet was assembled in a rush.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lazy Tongs

lazy tongs
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Michael found me these wonderful Lazy tongs in the Oxfam shop.
Its amazing how fast they shoot out to grab things that are just out of arms reach.
will do a close up of the rivets soon.

Lazy Tongs

lazy tongs 2
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Partially extended.
(Michael has a number of ideas for their use on his blog.)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Tala icing set

icing set
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Found this tin on the wednesday market in Crewe..a great junk market..with some hidden treasures.
Just £2 for this tin with contents.

Tala Icing set

icing set 2
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The front of the tin.

Tala Icing set (back of tin)

icing set 3
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"Tala" ICING
INGREDIENTS - 1lb best Icing sugar, the whites of two eggs, 12 drops of "Tala" icing preparation, a new wooden spoon or spatula.
METHOD FOR PIPING - Put the required whites in a bown and beat for one minute, then ass the sieved icing sugar by degrees, beating all the time until the mixuture is fairly stiff, then add 12 drops of "Tala" icing preparation and continue to beat the icing briskly for another few minutes. the object of the continuous brisk beating is that a better, clear and pliable icing is obtained. From 10 - 15 minutes beating produces a Snow-white Icing.
FOR COATING THE CAKE - Give two coats, first with the Icing flavoured with Rosewater to prevent grease striking through; secondly with icing used for piping."
This was a time when ready rolled icing was a shocking idea and icing was taken seriously...my grandmar used to ice wedding cakes for the Co-op, so my mom knew how to ice a cake the right way..

Tala Icing set (side view)

icing set 4
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butter thing
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One of my finds from the great Crewe Wednesday market.
"das Garniergerat fur Butter usw."
The box also contained another butter roller...
We English had neglected to use the other end as a bottle opener...


crewe 1
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Four simple drawings showing the four main uses for this versitile tool.
Stamped W-GERMANY.
I like the thinking.....butter roller and bottle opener.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Esther's Easter present

esthers pressie
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My easter present from Esther in Norway.
The pins I saw in the Lillehammer notice board were like these but I couldn't find them in the shops.
Thank You Esther....you know me well.