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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Map Measurer (Boots)

map measurer 1
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Went to a boot sale at Witton Albion this morning.
The only thing either of us got was this fine specimen of a map measurer in its box for 50 pence.
A bit more plastic than metal, but enough metal to allow on the blog,

Map Measurer Instructions

map measuer instr
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Just in case the men didn't know...

- Set the pointer to 0 by turning the wheel so that the pointer "counts down" and passes 0. Now bring the pointer forward to 0. This will take up any slack in the gears.

- To give greater control when using the measurer, hold the measurer on the knurled surface between the thumb abd middle finger, placing the index finger on the top of the handle.

- Hold measurer vertically with the tacing wheel set at the beginning of the route on the map, then run it along the route to the destination. the pointer will indicate on the dial the exact distance traced."

...and so it goes on.......

Map Measurer (boots)

map measurer 2
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On the back of the packet it says.
"Mens Gifts"
Why is map measuring a mans job all of a sudden.

Compass & Map Measurer

Compass 2
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I found this small pocket map measurer on Weaverham boot sale two weeks ago. (£3.50).
It feels like it should be worn on a chain and kept in ones waistcoat pocket.
I nearly called it a pocket measurer then..perhaps thats my next project...pocket capacity.

Compass & Map Measurer

compass 3
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Close up of the measuring wheel.

Compass & Map Measurer

compass 1
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The other side is a compass.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Souplex (open)

souplex (open)
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When opened out its a handy knife, which feels a little dangerous and uncomfortable to use.
Itt was quite tricky to push the razor into place too. I am not surprised these are rare!

Souplex and EVE

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Two objects found in the same sewing box on a stall at Hartford bootsale (50 pence the two).
The Razor blade holder has "Souplex" stamped on it.

The needle threader , as well as saying
also has
stamped in very small letters..

Souplex (back)

Souplex (back)
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

cockolly cutters (back)

cockolly cutters
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At last...three great boots sales on one day (and the sun shone).
This is mu most unusual find..both in the same old suitcase with a mixture of treasures.
I couldn't find the cutters..but at least I have whats left of the box!
The Metal thing has "RONSON World's greatest lighter" stamped on it.
I know they are not related..but they have been together for years...
Not sure what a Cockolly cutter is?

cockolly cutters (back)

Back view.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


evelyne 3
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A small crochet hook and its metal case.
I found this on the Crewe Wednesday market a few weeks ago, but it had gone to the bottom of my bag and I forgot all about it.
Its a very satidying metal object...functional, neat, stylish, simple.
A design classic.

EVELYNE (back)

Evelyne 1
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PATENT No. 5091/1911

Evelyne (back)

evelyne 2
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The back..shows how crude it is made...just bent tin. Although the end of it is well shaped.