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Sunday, February 24, 2013


1 by a1scrapmetal
1, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.
Another one of the wonderful objects sent to me by Angelica. This curler is heavy duty...for big hair-dos...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Actina (pocket battery) 1886

actina2 by a1scrapmetal
actina2, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.
One of the amazing objects sent by Angelica in Texas. The box also has papers with adverts for other medical electrical devices.I found a quote on the internet of the mixture of nasty dangerous chemicals that the inventor, a Mr W.C.Wilson claims will cure all and make your eyes and nose burn...I bet they did.
A link sent from Alan..thank you Alan.


Actina by a1scrapmetal
Actina, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.
The words stamped around the copper band say.

"Actina" Directions

actina 3 by a1scrapmetal
actina 3, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.
“Professor” William C. Wilson recognized the difficulties people were having with their hearing and vision, and so produced the Actina Pocket Battery, which purportedly cured both blindness and deafness for a mere ten dollars. In fact, the Actina was simply a small metal cylinder that contained a piece of muslin soaked in sassafras, mustard oil, belladonna extract, ether, and amyl nitrate. The device had to be sent back to the manufacturer three times a year to be “recharged” (for one dollar) and of course, a “caution” was included in the package insert: “Do not allow any one under any circumstances to recharge your Actina. Our formula is a secret..."

The above is  from this web site.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Schiffli Shuttles (underneath)

shuttle 1 by a1scrapmetal
shuttle 1, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.
"22 Switzerland"
I still can't work out how to open them...

Shuttle (side view)

shuttle 2 by a1scrapmetal
shuttle 2, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.
I was lucky enough to get one with white and one with black cotton spools inside.

Schiffli Shuttle

shuttle 3 by a1scrapmetal
shuttle 3, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.
A present from Paul Tutty. Two very futuristic shuttles for a Schiffli Machine.