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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tinned copper Fuse Wire

5 AMP 10 AMP 15 AMP
Big world cup match on in an hour and this looks like a football shirt (if you squint your eyes).
Another piece of Wire sold on a card for my "Ways to Sell Wire" collection.

Fuse Wire (obverse)

Fuse Wire
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Fuse Wire Kit

Fuse Wire Kit
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Found on the boot sale at Whitegate this morning. A personal emergency fuse mending kit. It cost one pound.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Modern Button Hook

modern button hook
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Found on a boot sale at Moss farm for 30 pence. The diagram shows how it is used to fasten the button on a very tight pair of jeans. a little like the old boot button hooks of old.
action I
action II
action III
It was a good job the instructions are still attached or I would have had no idea what it was for.

Modern button hook (obverse)

Modern button hook
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


mondial 2
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I found this on the "indoor boot sale" at the Memorial Hall in Northwich for £2. At first I thought is was just a bracelet, which looked like a piece of scientific apparatus and as it turns out it is a piece of medical apparatus called a "Mondial Bioregulator". I am testing out this week to see if it helps me with my nerves. So I am wearing it as instructed on my right wrist , metal balls on top of hand.
It feels like something invented in the Victorian era, but the web site is very modern.


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Stamped in small letters on the metal bracelet.


mondial 3
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Wearing it on my right wrist to help me with my nerves. Page from web site behind.


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Diagram of how it works.