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Friday, July 31, 2009


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This wonderful packet and object was given to me by Archie on my birthday.
He found it on a stall at the Steam Rally at Tabley Hall.
It says stainless steel, but seems to be made of copper, stamped BRITISH MADE.


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Advert on the back for Blow Summit Stainless steel milk strainers.


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"The Ring should be inserted in the normal way and the screw engaged in the side showing the Trade Mark: Turn until driver breaks off. This (patent applied for) method is designed to leave a slot where the break off occurs, and so enables the screw to be removed if required at a later date."

These instructions are for people who insert Bull Rings all the time..
"in the normal way" .

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Superior Drawing Pins

Library - 1143
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Bought this from a wonderful collectors shop near the railway station in Llandudno.
The tin is less than 2 inches across..so you wouldn't get many drawing pins in it..you could fit about 8 modern drawing pins in it at a push.
The colours remind me of fair grounds.
The more I do this blog the more I realise that everywhere I go I search for a small metal item as a reminder of the trip.

Back of tin

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Penny Whistle

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Also bought from the lovely collectors shop near Llanduno station.
The man insisted (and I believe him) that this is the original PENNY WHISTLE...and all manner of tunes can be played on it with enough practice.

Penny Whistle (back)

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It didn't cost £3.
I paid £2.50.
I like how it looks as if the label was written once it was stuck on the whistle.

Penny whistle (detail)

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Imperial Standard Wire Gauge

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There was a stall at the steam rally that had a whole collection of screw thread gauges and this.
Really beautiful objects, and useful in the right circumstances.
I have a knitting needle gauge similar to this.

Imperial Standard Wire Gauge

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Screw Thread Gauge

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Detail of other side.

Screw Thread Gauge

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Two great finds from the Steam Rally at Tabley Show Ground on Saturday.
WHITWORTH's screw thread gauge and ROEBUCK's Imperial Standard Wire Gauge.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


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Went to two boot sales today.
I picked these up on a stall at Hartford and the man said
"you can have them..I made them for my wife"
Turns out he is an engineer and makes all kinds of things in his shed for his wife..from these useful stitch holders to special domes for her cake icing.
(It was hard to tell if she was pleased or long suffering).
He also said he is 57 and I could call them antiques.
When I was small we had a neighbour called Mr Ringrose..he could mend and make anything in his shed....it wasn't always invisible mending, but it was strong and wouldn't need mending again..