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Monday, April 13, 2009

Photo Quiz Game

photo quiz
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We went to the huge Chelford Boot sale yesterday (its a bit too big for my liking).
But I found a few treasures.
This was my best find.
A photo Quiz game, which might be hard for anyone under the age of 40.
Not every house had picture hooks!
I thought as its a bank holiday I should have a game to play.

Photo Quiz page 1

photo quiz 2
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Photo Quiz page 2

photo quiz 3
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There are no prizes..just the smugness you will get from being right.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My favourite toy

My favourite toy
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My favourite toy......aged 5

Childhood Collection

Childhood collection
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A lovely surprise today.
All these objects are from a tin I used to be obcessed with as a small child (mom said 5 upwards).
If mom wanted to keep me quiet she would give me my tin of treasures and I would be transfixed for ages.
I thought mom had thrown it out years ago, so it was very exciting to mooch through it all again.
My favourite thing in there was the map measurer.
I havn't changed much!!