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Friday, July 30, 2004

Another Elastic powered plane

I couldn't resist sharing this other elastic band powered plane.
Made again by those clever men we saw at a Crewe science day.
Such beautiful objects.

Another elastic band powered plane
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More strange metal objects.

Steel hands off grandfatherclocks. Donated to the strange metal collection by Stella, whose dad mends clocks and watches.
I have a whole bag of these but I chose my favourite to exhibit.

Hands off clocks..more strange metal objects
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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Archie's Leaf Boat

A Leaf Boat made by Archie in Marbury Country Park on Sunday 25th July 2004.
Of simple twig and leaf construction, made in a matter of seconds.based on the old coracles of Roman times.

Archie's Leaf Boat
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Cake icing nozzles

Four cake icing nozzles.I really like these...all numbered and different.
cake icing nozzles
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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Happy birthday to me

Well I still havn't made anything in metal..but I have discovered how to get photos onto the blog....so thats a break through.
Archie is going to summer school ..doing chemistry experiments and drama classes....
I on the otherhand have been celebrating my birthday...eating lots of cake and photographing my collection.
I have just realised much of the collection is still packed in boxes in the wardrobe.That could be tomorrows job.

A retractable clothes line

side view.
showing the locking mechanism.
This has everything a stange metal object should have...and its a wonderful colour.

A retractable clothes line
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A retractable clothes line

View from below (this would have been next to the wall).
A retractable clothes line
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crochet hooks and assorted things

A mixed box, found in a charity shop.
Very delicate hooks and pointy things.
I really like the crochet hooks with the tin metal covers. I remember these well from my mothers sewing kit.

crochet hooks and assorted things
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a present from Archie

A wonderful plastic snail with an inflatable tongue.What more can I say
A present from Archie
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A strange metal object

One of my favourite strange metal objects found on a boot fair.
A lead base with steel spikes (for flower arranging).

A strange metal object
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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

progress so far

not much.
Cleared the work bench, but run out of gas.
still can't find the draw plates, so I did a bit of drawing in the sketch book instead.
Found a couple more strange metal objects to add to the exhibition.
A very long hook with a plastic handle. and a very old picture frame with an ingenious metal contraption on the back to stand it up.
Hooks....101 uses of hooks.

Elastic band powered plane

Seen in Crewe,made by some clever men who were demonstrating their elastic band powered planes.
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Friday, July 16, 2004

All new to me

This is my first Blog and I am a bit baffled as to what it is.
So I have decided to use it as a summer diary.
I am hoping to kick start myself back into metalwork...
first I need to make space by getting another table for this computer so I can get my workbench back.reclaim my space.
I have been collecting strange metal objects from boot fairs for a while now and these I hope will inspire some new work.
I really like some crochet hooks with tin metal covers, they have potential.
I may start by just making some tubes out of different metals.(if I can find my draw plates.)
This feels very odd, why put this on the web?
Maybe I will get some encouragement and ideas.