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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Happy birthday to me

Well I still havn't made anything in metal..but I have discovered how to get photos onto the thats a break through.
Archie is going to summer school ..doing chemistry experiments and drama classes....
I on the otherhand have been celebrating my birthday...eating lots of cake and photographing my collection.
I have just realised much of the collection is still packed in boxes in the wardrobe.That could be tomorrows job.


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Happy Birthday.

And good luck tomorrow. We still have several boxes of art-related matierial packed away. Every few weeks I say, Let's sort all the art stuff. And Jill says, No, let's play Scrabble. So we do that instead.

Anyway, a birthday gift will be wending its way to you sometime soon.

Big birthday hugs.


28 July, 2004  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Happy Birthday, Hazel...
same day as my brother, Jim.

02 August, 2004  

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