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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

crochet hooks and assorted things

A mixed box, found in a charity shop.
Very delicate hooks and pointy things.
I really like the crochet hooks with the tin metal covers. I remember these well from my mothers sewing kit.

crochet hooks and assorted things
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Blogger Ciorstan said...

The ones down at the bottom of the case are crochet hooks, but the ones with the hooked ends are really button hooks, for buttoning those infuriatingly small buttons on high boots from the latter part of the 1800s. The all-bone-looking thing in the second slot from the top is a blunt awl for pushing holes into things. On second look there are more crochet hooks sprinkled amongst the awls and boot hooks.

What I suspect you have is a lacemaker's personal kit of tools. This person both worked in the Irish lace crochet, as the awl would have been used to work rings around its shaft. Haven't any idea why the boot hooks are in the case, though.

23 December, 2004  

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