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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Key lost in badge tot

key 2
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Went to a boot fair at Weaverham and Verdin park today.
The only metal thing I found at Weaverham was this tiny key that was in a tot of badges...so I bought some badges for 2 pence each
"you want the key too???"
It has
"Willenhall staffs Eng...507"
stamped on it.
Willenhall is near my home town of Walsall and was well known for lock making.

Key (Squire)

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ironing Board( instructions)

Today ,after many months of fighting my old ironing board, which in turn refused to OPEN and then to CLOSE..I went to Argos and purchased a new ironing board.
To commerate this I have the label and ingenious plastic cover tie (you wrap the strings around it).
The instructions sound very complicated to me..I am amazed I ever figured them out.
Your new board has a multi-position adjustment lever, enabling you to select the most comfortable ironing position.
Commence with the ironing board in the vertical position with the rear leg(s) (ironrest end) on the floor. Hold the middle of the ironing board top with both hands, the left gripping the adjustment lever. Allow the board to tilt forwards, the front leg(s) to touch the floor and release the adjustment lever.
Hold the top in the midle with both hands, gripping the adjustment lever with the left hand. Pull the top rearwards lifting the front leg(s) off the ground until the ironing board is fully closed.
SERIAL No 91 050 15719"
The palstic winder has PATENT PEND

Ironing Board (obverse)

ironingboard2 obverse
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The back of the label, which was stuck to the bottom of the metal mesh of the main ironing surface..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jon Stangrooms's Collection

Jon's collection
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Just before we left Boston Jon gave me this collection of metal goodies.
They hid up a corner in the main bag until today, when I sort them out.
The dingle danglers are from a pair of blinds.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Musket Ball

Musket ball1 - 27
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Jon took us to see Old ironside, in Boston.
The souvenier shop sold this wonderful replica musket ball...
for one dollar...lead free.

Musket Ball (back)

musket ball- 28
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Hope you can read the back.

Friday, September 05, 2008

New York Token

token 1
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I found this and it was in a plastic dispenser...with another 8 tokens..
The man on the stall said five Dollars..but his wife jumped up and started going on at him that each token was worth 5 dollars...
In the end Archie got me to go back and buy one token off her.
Glad I did..

New York Token

token 2
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Found on a flea market in New York..17th Street and 6th Avenue..
People must have lost these all the time..they are smaller than a cent. (which is small than a penny).


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I found this on Liberty Island.
Size....15mm across.
I pressume it fell off a tiny statue of Liberty.
it does have a hint of green still left on.