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Sunday, November 27, 2011

4 oz weight

4 oz weight by a1scrapmetal
4 oz weight, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.

Found in a 20 pence box at Antrobus this morning. A 4oz GPO weight.

4oz weight (obverse)

4oz weight by a1scrapmetal
4oz weight, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.

The hole in the middle is to allow more or less lead to be added to bring it up to the exact weight.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Musket Ball

Bought from the antique man on Northwich market, he said it dates back to the Civil war,1640. He found it himself with a metal detector at Acton near Nantwich. After I had handed over the one new pound it cost he said "you never know, that might have killed someone!" which is a rather nasty thought.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Medicine Spoons

spoons 2 by a1scrapmetal
spoons 2, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.

I have been really ill will a sore throat and cough, which caused me to search the medicine cabinet one night in desparation to find some cough mixture and a spoon..I found these four spoons, dating back to when Archie was a baby and had Calpol. Four variations on the same spoon. (I realise they break the metal object rule, but sometimes plastic objects can qualify..)

Medicine Spoons (obverse)

spoons by a1scrapmetal
spoons, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.

View from the back.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Two Tiny Brushes

DSC00599 by a1scrapmetal
DSC00599, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.

Two tiny brushes found in a mixed tin of things on a stall at the indoor sale in Winsford. Not sure what you clean with them?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


DSC00595 by a1scrapmetal
DSC00595, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.

Found on a boot sale at Witton Albion football club, for 50 pence. The man who sold it to me said he didn't think anyone would buy it and almost threw it in the bin. It really does prove the old saying "ones mans rubbish is another womans treasure".
ICI used to own the factory in Northwich, so not only is this an interesting metal object, it is a piece of Northwich history.


DSC00596 by a1scrapmetal
DSC00596, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.