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Friday, February 19, 2016

Universal Watch Winder

Also found at Nantwich antique fair.  I bought the bottom one, which has a wooden handle..but the man on the stall said he had done some research and discovered it was a watch winder which could be used for any size winder...he had found the patent for something similar..which as luck would have it...I have one (top gold coloured one).

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Razor blade in a holder.

Found for £1 in an antique fair in Nantwich. The firm Singleton and Cole where tobacco manufacturers and apparently there was a firm in Walsall. I am not entirely sure what job this were made for.

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Keys from PLG

A lovely collection of keys with pierced ends from PLG. Kindly donated by Master Culik, who never throws anything away, and apparently has a big bucket of keys. Thank you to PLG and Master Culik.

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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Address book for a key ring 1970.

Found on a stall in the Northwich Memorial Hall....for £2.50. It has the look of an object from 1970, with a hole that made me feel it was to attach to your key ring.But the almost Chatelaine feel seems out of date. They had applied for a patent ...but I somehow feel it was an object out of its time.