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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Record Stylus

record stylus
Originally uploaded by a1scrapmetal.
A Multiplay Stylus.
for 33 and a third or 45RPM Records.
The instructions are sealed inside and can only be partly read.
WARNING - Handle styl
"His Masters Voice"
Withdraw old stylus as follows:-
Lift pick-up arm
Place fingers above and thu
shown in the illustration ove
cartridge from becoming disl
Take the stylus between the
hand and remove by pulling
no sideways movement when

Carefully insert new stylus, ens
centrally between the protective
To protect the stylus every car
pick-up on to the record.

Perhaps I should have opened the packet!


Blogger Jonathan said...

Goodness.. such care... they were little more than sharpened nails !!!

23 March, 2005  
Blogger swapatorium said...

Great colors and graphics!

25 March, 2005  
Blogger Wastedpapiers said...

I'd hater to see the state of your records Jonathan if thats what you used!!

26 March, 2005  
Blogger Jonathan said...

My records are in the state of Massachsetts... Heck, we couldn't afford sharpened nails... we used thorns from the Hawthorn tree out back...

26 March, 2005  

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