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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coral flake tin

coral flake tin
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Not that many rich pickings from the boot sales lately. But I did find this old tin for 10 pence at the Verdin Park boot sale last Sunday.
It was in a box full of old boxes (mostly empty).
This one conatined
broken button hook
bent safety pin
two misc bolts
bit of broken penknife
broken crochet hook
2 hooks (one from a watchchain)
Misc thing.
All had been kept in a
"cool & fragrant" Coral Flake tin
Its amazing what people keep...(and buy!)


Blogger wastedpapiers said...

This one was obviously just waiting for you to come along and buy it - who else would find room for such rusty tat!

16 June, 2007  
Blogger wastedpapiers said...

Hazel replied..Thank you true your words ring!!

17 June, 2007  

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