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Sunday, May 02, 2010

"Comet" 4 in 1 Safety Hair Cutter

Originally uploaded by a1scrapmetal
Opened up ready to change the blades.


Blogger bniedem said...

I would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly let me know where I can buy an "ORIGINAL COMET SAFETY HAIR CUTTER." I have been using this hair cutter for a very long time but now that a few teeth are broken it is rather dangerous to use.
Since then, I have purchased a Remington grooming set. Unfortunately I am very disappointed with this purchase.
I live in Malta but can get someone to buy it for me in England if they do not do mail order.

16 August, 2010  
Blogger gillette_fan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

03 August, 2011  
Blogger gillette_fan said...

Hi I have one in its box with instructions Great condition , if you still need one mail me . thank you grant

03 August, 2011  
Blogger Neel Patani said...

Hi grant, do you still have the comet hair cutter for sale?

28 July, 2012  
Blogger Thomas said...

Hi, I have a comet hair cutter for sale. Good condition, pink, in original box and with instructions.

09 March, 2015  

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