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Sunday, September 25, 2011

John Bull mending kit

John Bull mending kit by a1scrapmetal
John Bull mending kit, a photo by a1scrapmetal on Flickr.

A wonderful tin Archie gave me for my birthday. (found on a stall at a steam rally in Daresbury) Such a lot of information and lists of its uses, it is basically a piece of waterproof cloth you can cut to shape and glue over holes. So well packaged and marketed..makes me feel you could sell anything.


Blogger wastedpapiers said...

The John Bull Printing Sets are good too. I suppose they used the left over rubber for the repair kits?

03 October, 2011  
Blogger CashQuest said...

Nice scrap metal stuff ! I never thought they could be so interesting and with so much sentimental value.

People in eBay might be looking for such things.

27 October, 2011  

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