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Thursday, October 21, 2004

War Museum North Exhibit

War Museum North exhibit
Originally uploaded by a1scrapmetal.
This is one of my favourite exhibits from the War Museum North.
It is a genuine piece of Zeppeline wire attatched to a pin so that it can be worn.
It comes with a Guarantee certificate to prove it is the genuine article.
Produced by the Red cross to raise money.
(I gave Michael a piece of genuine Berlin Wall, it wasn't just any old lump of concrete! It is numbered and also has a certificate of proof!!)


Blogger Scrapatorium said...

We have one of those Berlin wall pieces too. We also have a packet of Mount St. Helen's volcanic ash. My mom, who is one of those Elvis fanatics, has a lock of the King's hair. Hmmm, what silly thing could we package and get people to buy?

22 October, 2004  
Blogger hazel said...

Hello...I wonder that myself sometimes.
I could send you a bag of genuine English countryside.
or even pocket fluff(lint) from the celebs if we can sneak into their cloakroom?
Wish I had more time for this is all consuming just lately.

22 October, 2004  
Blogger sylviasometimes said...

Anyone collecting dog and
kat fur??? Have enough to
stuff Godzilla's duvet!

23 October, 2004  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Jill has a piece of wire from Greenham Common.
I think she came by it illegally.

It might turn up later as I am about to embark upon a "tidy up." This is quite a scary and daunting task.
Which would account for
a) the fact that Jill is still in bed (it is only 4.30) and
b) I've been blogging for the past hour.'s the weekend and we both have a nasty cold.

23 October, 2004  
Blogger hazel said...

Hope you are both feeling better..?+?
dasty code in der dose..
I have been trying to tidy up too..piles of paper and art all round the place...a thankless task here.
Wire from Greenham didn't know Jill had any wire cutters..?

23 October, 2004  
Blogger sylviasometimes said...

Shhh...the occasional blink
of an eye and voila! No that
I condone illegal practices,
you understand!

23 October, 2004  
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