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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Chalk Grater?

Chalk Grater
Originally uploaded by a1scrapmetal.
This seems a good time to add this one.
Another piece of metal with holes in it.
This is a small grater that was in a Romac bicycle puncture repair tin.
I thought it was used to grate a very hard chalk into dust onto the tyre to make sure it was dry before glueing.
But reading this information in the tin, it says it is to roughen the area of the tyre before applying the glue.
Michael thought it was for the chalk too.
Perhaps that what we have being doing wrong all this time.


Blogger Wastedpapiers said...

A bit of a theme developing here? Round things with holes.
Surely grating the inner tube would make it more liable to puncture? The chalk certainly needs grating or how else would you get it to form a powder?

18 September, 2004  
Blogger sylviasometimes said...

Interesting little doodad here. I've only had to add air to tires, no patch job, so I don't know...have never seen chalk used on tires though, and there's a certain sense to roughening the surface for better adhesion. Still, I take Michaels point. Along the line of pieces with holes, have you found any interesting spice grinders?

20 September, 2004  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Those were the days. Mending tyres on bikes. And what a kerfuffle that was.
I don't recall having to roughen the rubber.
I'm for the chalk theory and believe the person writing the instructions got it wrong.

After all - they didn't put a man on the moon you know.

22 September, 2004  

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