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Monday, September 13, 2004

Broken scales

Broken scales
Originally uploaded by a1scrapmetal.
Found at Barleylands Boot sale in Basildon, Essex
A very lovely green.
The tray from the top is missing.
If you push down on the vertical bar on the top the arrow moves down and you can see how strong your fingers are.
So it has its uses and was 50 pence well spent.


Blogger Wastedpapiers said...

Or you can sit on it and test how brave you are!

14 September, 2004  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Or use it in a scales hurling contest.
Hey, maybe that's how it was broken in the first place.

15 September, 2004  
Blogger Wastedpapiers said...

A prize for anyone who finds the top bit!

16 September, 2004  

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