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Friday, September 10, 2004

Compact Tool Kit

Compact Tool Kit
Originally uploaded by a1scrapmetal.
This weeks boot fair bargain.
No writing on it at all.
The handle for the 3 tools is also the container for them.
Although even screwed up at tight as you can they are a bit wobbily.
My dad would have loved one of these.
I bet it was made in the Midlands.


Blogger Syl said... this a tool kit for making things like furniture? Couldn't see it too well but middle piece looked like something one might use to make a hole in wood to receive another piece(like a fitted wrung). Do you know?

10 September, 2004  
Blogger michael said...

I am HAzel ..yes one is a screwdriverone a brad-awl type tool(for staring off holes for screws) and the other thing is like a thin cork screw.It all wobbles about a bit too much to use though.
It was hard to photograph..have you double clicked on it to see it bigger?

10 September, 2004  
Blogger Syl said...

Okay...double clicked...much better...and made my comments there. Thanx. Good luck in your new school year...and your "theme" for this year? Remembering stacks of books for research & sure you are doing the same. Hint/request...record some of your lectures.

10 September, 2004  

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